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The Founding and Growth of On-Q-ity: Developing Advances in Personalized Medicine

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biotechnology management case

Daniel Dornbusch1 and Mark J. Ahn2
1Novartis International AG; 2Atkinson Graduate School of Management, Willamette University

Summary and key issue/decision: This case focuses on On-Q-ity, a personalized medicine diagnostics company uniquely positioned to capitalize on current and future diagnostics market opportunities. The company faces critical strategic, therapeutic, and investment decisions about how to develop high-risk, high-reward products. . On-Q-ity will need to balance lowering development risks with increasing product opportunities and competitive positioning.

Companies/institutions: On-Q-ity, US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Division of Laboratory Services

Technologies: circulating tumor cells (CTCs) and DNA repair pathways, important elements of detecting and diagnosing cancer.

Stage of development at time of issue/decision: On-Q-ity was formed as a merger of two companies and raised a significant sum from prominent venture capital investors.

Indication/therapeutic area: Oncology

Geography: Worldwide

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